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Watermelons can be cut in various ways depending on your tastes and the method you plan to serve them, but all great slices begin with a ripe watermelon! Look out for yellow field spots, hollow sounds when knuckling it, and webbing as indicators that the fruit has reached maturity.

Before cutting, always wash and dry the rind to prevent germs from invading the soft interior of the fruit. If needed, scrub with a produce brush.

Easy Ways of Cutting Watermelon

Cutting Into Cubes

Cut your watermelon slices, cubes, or fun shapes such as balls and triangles quickly and efficiently for the best summer experience! Cutting watermelons is easy and quick and will ensure they remain deliciously fresh for longer. Try our Watermelon Salsa or Frozen Sangria recipes as an inspiration!

To cut watermelons into cubes, start by cutting it into halves. Place one half on a cutting board with its flat side down. Next, using a sharp knife, carefully remove the rind from the top and sides and any white flesh; turn the water around until only pink flesh remains visible.

Suppose you want to add some decorative flair; slice your watermelons into thick slices before using a melon baller or cookie cutter to cut out smaller round watermelon spheres that you can arrange on a platter or bowl for serving. In that case, this method also adds color and vibrancy to any summer party!

For this method of watermelon selection, choose an elongated, giant watermelon that is fully ripe with light orange field spots and hollow sounds when tapped with your knuckle – webbing (cluster of brown lines) should also be present. Once cut, store it in the fridge to ensure its freshness throughout summer!

Cutting Into Slices

Watermelons are an essential summer treat, perfect for sharing among all family members and loved ones. Snacking on this refreshing snack, adding it to fruit salad or cocktails, or even blending it into slush drinks are just some of the many watermelon uses in this warm season. 

Cutting this large and juicy fruit may seem daunting for novice chefs; fortunately, there are several simple hacks for creating perfectly delectable slices of your summer treat.

First, cut the watermelon in half with a sharp knife to create two flat surfaces to make subsequent cuts more accurate and safer. 

Next, use another sharp (preferably heavy) knife to carefully score each half’s perimeter a quarter inch into its flesh so you can easily remove any seeds or debris stuck between its layers.

Starting with one of the watermelons cut side down on a cutting board, make a series of 1-inch cuts into its surface to produce several slabs that can easily be pulled away and eaten immediately or saved for later.

When selecting watermelons for purchase, look for an elongated shape and dark green color; the darker its hue, the sweeter its taste will be. Also, look for one with yellow-to-orange field spots indicating long exposure to sunlight. Lastly, gently tap or knock the melons gently until a hollow sound indicates they have reached full ripeness.

Cutting Into Sticks

Watermelon sticks and cubes make a refreshing summer snack that children love grabbing from while playing outside or are perfect for adding to a fruit platter or used as part of a watermelon margarita recipe. 

To cut watermelons into sticks, you’ll need a sharp chef’s knife and a large cutting board; to get optimal results, refrigerating for four hours before cutting will produce crisp and juicy slices!

Start by choosing a ripe watermelon; look for an elongated shape with even coloring rather than one with spots or streaks. Next, check the bottom of your melon for what’s known as a “field spot,” where it rested while growing; large yellow-orange field spots indicate juicy fruit. Finally, feel the watermelon’s weight; heavy ones will likely contain lots of juice!

To cut watermelons into sticks, place them on a cutting board with their cut sides down and use a sharp knife to make slices 12 inches wide downhill with the grain of the fruit, rotating and making new perpendicular slices perpendicularly to those already made – creating long sticks of watermelon! This method works great when creating watermelon kebabs or fruit salads!


And there you have it – the straightforward guide to quickly cutting a watermelon. Enjoy the sweet rewards of juicy watermelon slices without the hassle. You can transform this refreshing fruit into a delightful summer treat with a few simple steps. Embrace the simplicity, savor the sweetness, and let the joy of juicy watermelon brighten your day! Happy slicing!