Regency Café pastries are baked fresh daily in our kitchen from scratch.  The selection changes each day and we are always introducing new items, so stop by and see what pastry case holds today!  Here's a sample of items we typically offer:

                        Puff Pastry Pinwheel            Fruit Danish                        Cinnamon Rolls          Bear Claws
                                   Scones                        Coffee Cake                       Pain Au Chocolat           Muffins
                                Croissant                   Various Cookies                         Brioche                      Brownies
                                         Pies                           Tarts                                    Cupcakes                Quiche
We make all of our pastry (laminated), sweet roll and brioche doughs from scratch.  Our laminated doughs, like those we use for danishes, croissants and puff pastry items, require three days to produce and a special touch to create the fine, flaky layers that make our pastries so special. 

We NEVER use partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) at Regency Cafe.  Instead we use Plugra butter (a rich butter lower in moisture and higher in butterfat than traditional butter), olive oil or organic expeller-pressed coconut oil. 

Regency sources most of our flour from King Arthur Flour and Snavely Mills located near Litiz, PA.  We love using the King Arthur flour because of the minimal processing that it receives.  It's not bleached or bromated and the flour is very consistent which allows us to produce a more consistent product.

In addition to the flour we purchase from King Arthur and Snavely, we also mill our own whole grain, organic spelt flour using spelt berries purchase from Natural Acres Organics in Millersburg, PA (how appropriate).  This flour has a robust nutty flavor like no other you've had.  Freshly milled flour can not be beat!

Regency Café uses milk produced by cows free of both growth hormones and antibiotics.  The milk is sourced from dairies located in eastern Pennsylvania.  We love this milk not only for the taste but for the quality baked goods we produce when using the milk.